Synergy Club

Have you been looking for a like-minded group of professionals from around the world to solve the challenge of finding another product to add to your portfolio? Imagine having the opportunity to reach out to your peers, with the help of a personal introduction and at no cost to you.

Members of the PharmaSynergy Club benefit from many perks.


Our events are held throughout the year and offer a combination of outstanding speakers and 1-2-1 partnering sessions. We offer a life-long 10% discount to our members, be it for a live or virtual meeting.


We believe in the power of a personal introductions. We are building the ultimate international community of BD&L professionals who have global ambitions. The best networking starts from a good introduction, which you can then follow up on to find your next successful partnership.


We offer a dedicated virtual space for member companies profiles that add to the professional introductions of the company, its products, licensing capabilities and market-related interests.


Among our members:

Contact us @ to join the Club.